In-Gate/Out-Gate Historical Information (J1)

Union Pacific has developed a new web application for our Intermodal customers that provides the capability to obtain historical driver/gate information.  Customers are able to retrieve container, event, driver and waybill information.  Images are even included for those containers passing through one of our Automated Gate System (AGS) facilities. 

  • Customers equipped with a MyUPRR User ID can obtain a J1 by accessing Intermodal Gate History under the "Trace" application heading. 
  • For customers without a MyUPRR User ID, a replacement J1 can be retrieved from accessing Intermodal Driver History and by providing the equipment number, driver's license number, the state issued and the company SCAC.

Note:  A replacement J1 for a container or trailer in-gated or out-gated is not available for 24 hours.

The How to Obtain In-Gate/Out-Gate Historical Information includes a step-by-step process describing both methods and how to use them.