Miscellaneous Drilling-Related Products


Union Pacific directly serves the domestic barite mines located in Nevada and has direct access to or works with interline partners at key ports receiving barite imports from China. Additionally, we provide options to ship barite from Mexico.

The majority of the mineral barite mined in the U.S. is used by oil and gas industries as a drilling fluid (mud) for drilling rigs.

For more information about shipping barite, contact the Sand & Minerals Team.

Bentonite Clay

Union Pacific, with our interline partners, delivers bentonite clay to key shale destinations in North America.

Bentonite clay is another critical element of the drilling process used in mixing the drilling mud for extracting oil and natural gas. The mud mixtures help to run the drill head, cool the bit and line the walls of the well.

For more information about shipping bentonite clay, contact the Sand & Minerals Team.

Cement and Rock

Union Pacific's rail network is well positioned to haul aggregates and cement into various shale plays throughout North America. Through our network, we are able to ship supplies needed to build roads and transport materials to assist with the drilling process, including drilling rig pads and well casings. Manifest and unit train options ensure that Union Pacific can meet your shale industry needs - from one car to 145 cars at one time.

Cement is used in two different ways in the drilling process. Construction cement is used in the pads that hold drilling rigs, and drilling cement is used in the drilling process.

For more information about shipping cement and rock, contact the Construction Products Team.

Other Drilling-Related Products

Union Pacific also provides shipping solutions for other drilling-related products, such as:
  • Calcium chloride
  • Crane and drilling mats
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Frac tanks
  • Guar