Metals & Ores Commonly Used Standard Transportation Commodity Codes (STCC)

Commodity STCC
Additive alloys 33134
Alumina slurry 2819680
Alumina, calcined 1051310
Alumina, hydrated 1051311
Aluminum or alloy scrap, tailings waste 40214
Aluminum fluoride 2819634
Aluminum ingots, slab 33341
Aluminum or aluminum alloy base wire, cable, or strand, bare 33571
Aluminum or aluminum alloy flakes 3391110
Aluminum or aluminum base alloy, basic shapes 33529
Aluminum or aluminum base alloy, pipe or tube 33524
Aluminum or aluminum base alloy, plate or sheet 33521
Aluminum or aluminum base alloy, rod or bars 33523
Aluminum oxide (alumina) 3291113
Aluminum oxide, (alumina) abrasive 1491645
Aluminum oxide, abrasive, flour or grain 1471947
Aluminum oxide, flour or grain 1491647
Aluminum powder, atomized granular 3391120
Aluminum residues 33342
Aluminum silicate (kyanite) 1051410
Aluminum, or aluminum alloys powder, nec 3391119
Aluminum, or aluminum alloys, granulated 3391116
Anchor bonnets, not reinforced 3259934
Antimony sulfide, concentrated ore, lump 1092920
Antimony sulfide, concentrated ore, pulverized or powdered 1092925
Automobile shredder residue 4029176
Bars, brass, bronze, or copper 3351115
Bauxite ore 1051110
Bauxite, caussticized 1051325
Beneficiated iron ore & hot briquetted iron 1011325
Brass, bronze, or copper alloy scrap, tailings/waste 40212
Brass, bronze, or copper bars, with steel 3351110
Chrome ore or ore concentrates, crude 1081110
Chrome ore or ore concentrates, crude 1081115
Coating of metal products 3499447
Concentrates, zinc 1032210
Copper concentrates 1021210
Copper matte 33312
Copper or copper alloy base wire, cable, or strand, bare 33572
Copper ore, crude 1021110
Copper precipitates 1021215
Copper, brass, bronze, or other copper base alloy pipe, or tube 33513
Copper, brass, bronze, or other copper base alloy plate, sheet, or strip 33512
Copper, brass, bronze, or other copper base alloy shapes, nec 33519
Crushed auto bodies 4029118
Electrometallurgical products, nec 33135
Fabricated metal products 34998
Fabricated metal products, nec 34999
Fabricated structural steel products 34411
Ferroalloys, nec 33139
Ferrochrome 33132
Ferromanganese 33131
Ferrosilicon 33133
Fines, aluminum oxide (alumina) 3291150
Gold ore and tailings 1041110
Gold ore concentrates 1041210
Humate residue 1029258
Humate residue 1092958
Iron Agglomerates 1011320
Iron bornings 3399140
Iron concentrates and direct reduced iron 1011310
Iron or steel bars 33124
Iron or steel cast pipe or fittings 33211
Iron or steel forgings 33911
Iron or steel scrap 40211
Iron ore for sink float media 3295922
Iron ore ground dry 2816952
Iron ore tailings 4021170
Iron ore, crude 1011240
Iron ore, hydrated, not ground 1011215
Iron ore, NEC 1011190
Iron oxide 2816934
Iron oxide NEC 2816991
Iron Pyrites 1471940
Lead and zinc concentrates 1033210
Lead and zinc ores combined 1033110
Lead concentrates 1031210
Lead matte 33322
Lead or lead base alloy basic shapes 33562
Lead ore, crude 1031110
Lead pig, slab 33321
Lead, zinc, or alloy scrap, tailings/waste 40213
Limonite ore or concentrates 1092945
Magnesium or magnesium base alloy, basic shapes 33561
Magnesium pig, slab, or ingots 33391
Manganese ore, concentrates 1061315
Manganese ore, ground 1061310
Manganese ore, other than ground 1061110
Manganese, beneficiating, grade ore, crude 1061210
Metal foil or leaf 34992
Metal foil or leaf 34992
Metal powder, paste, or flakes 3391113
Metal valves for plumping, piping, or heating 34941
Metal, nec, or metal alloy 3356951
Metalizing plant products 33115
Misc nonferrous metal residues 33398
Molybdenum concentrates 1092976
Molybdenum ore or ore concentrates crude 1092975
Nickel or nickel base alloy basic shapes 33563
Nickel pig, slab, or ingots 33394
Nonferrous metal or alloy scrap, tailings/waste 40219
Nonferrous metal or nonferrous metal alloy base alloy castings 336
Nonferrous metal or nonferrous metal alloy base wire, cable, or strand, bare 33573
Non-insulated ferrous wire rope, cable or strand 33151
Pig iron 33111
Pipe or tubing, steel, coated or lined 3499442
Plate steel 33122
Primary copper or copper base alloy, pig, slabs, or ingots 33311
Primary Iron or steel products 33129
Primary iron or steel products 33219
Primary metal products 33999
Primary nonferrous metal ingots, pig, or slab 33399
Railway track material 33128
Rods, copper, unfinished 3351130
Sheet steel 33123
Silver concentrates 1042210
Slag residue for reclamation purposes 4029115
Spent salt flux 2812389
Staurolite residue 1092959
Steel nails, staples, tacks, brads, or spikes 33152
Steel pipe or tubing 33126
Steel slabs, billets, skelp, breakdowns 33121
Steel wire 33155
Structural beams metal reinforced 3259575
Structural shapes or pilings 33125
Tin or tin base alloy 33395
Tin plate 33127
Titanium basic shapes 33565
Tungsten concentrates 1071210
Tungsten ore, crude 1071110
Turnings, aluminum & magnesium 3356975
Welding rods, bar, or wire 33566
Wire or cable insulated, enameled or covered, all types 33574
Zinc dross 33332
Zinc or zinc base alloy basic shapes 33564
Zinc ore, crude 1032110
Zinc smelter products, pig, slab, ingots 33331