Pipeline Express

Expedited, Competitive Shipping Solutions for Line Pipe

Speed up your shipments of line pipe with Pipeline Express, a new service developed by Union Pacific and its logistics management subsidiary, Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS). Pipeline Express expedites your line pipe shipments from the pipe manufacturer to pipe off-loading sites across the country for final delivery by truck.

With access to our extensive network of more than 100 pipe off-loading sites and the largest fleet of 89’ flat cars in the rail industry, Pipeline Express allows you to competitively expand your market reach. We cover more than 75 percent of the active oil and natural gas drilling locations in the U.S., aligning geographically with new pipeline projects underway in the western two-thirds of the United States and seamlessly connecting beyond our existing network to eastern gateways, Canada, and all six major Mexico gateways.

When you need to identify new storage yard locations, UPDS and our Industrial Development team can also provide expertise to help you select suitable off-load destination sites that meet your specific needs.

Your dedicated Pipeline Express team will manage your project through the entire transportation cycle. A Union Pacific project coordinator, closely tied to Union Pacific Operations, will work directly with you to ensure seamless communication and service. Your project coordinator will also work with a UPDS logistics representative to track shipments, minimize delivery times and improve efficiencies in the supply chain.

Pipeline Express Offers

Total Visibility of Shipments

  • Dedicated UPDS team working directly with Union Pacific Operations to ensure a superior transportation experience
  • Seamless communication through a central point of contact at UPDS coordinating weekly project status calls with the shipper, all rail carriers, Union Pacific representative, energy companies, and off-loaders
  • Proactive logistics management of shipments seven days a week
  • Daily reports including real time status of all active car locations

Extensive Network of Off-loading and Storage Sites

  • A network of more than 500 Union Pacific rail sites available for handling line pipe
  • Assistance in identifying nearby storage locations for the efficient and safe handling of line pipe inventory

High Capacity Equipment

  • Largest number of high capacity TTX cars in the industry

Shipping to Mexico

  • Visibility of customs status on all cars
  • Complete communication among all customs clearance parties

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