Drill Pipe

Providing Access to Key Shale and Pipe Industry Locations

Union Pacific is your trusted transportation provider and is dedicated to delivering your pipe shipments in an expedited manner at truck-competitive rates.

With an extensive network that reaches roughly 75 percent of all shale plays in the United States and joint line access to the remaining 25 percent, Union Pacific is playing a major role in helping drill pipe producers, distributors and processors grow their presence in the competitive shale market. In addition to our expansive market reach, we have access to the majority of the largest pipe storage yards and key processing facilities in Houston, Texas, allowing us to transport your pipe inbound from both domestic and international pipe producers.

Union Pacific provides:
  • Access to roughly 75 percent of active rigs in the United States (each new rig uses 3-5 carloads of drill pipe)
  • Access to major distribution locations in key destination markets - team tracks and transload facilities
  • Access to pipe storage distribution yards, processors and producers in the Houston area

Investing to Meet Growing Demand

To ensure Union Pacific is meeting the growing demands of the pipe market, we are continually making investments in our rail infrastructure, storage facilities and rail equipment. We are equipped with 6,300 gondolas and more than 1,500 bulkhead flatcars to handle the shipment of tubing, casing and drill pipe. In addition, Union Pacific controls one of the largest fleets of 89-foot pipe flatcars.

Importing Pipe and Delivering to End-Use Customers

Union Pacific has created a special program with its logistics management subsidiary, Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS), to deliver pipe to end-use customers. We can work directly with your stevedore or transport your pipe to UPDS' Galena Park pipe yard located in Texas.

Getting Started