Industrial Products Pricing Reference

Price by Region

Print the New Industrial Products Geography Groups for a handy reference tool while viewing Union Pacific public tariffs.

Price by Commodity

A complete listing of all Industrial Products public tariffs is included below. 

Metals & Ores Public Pricing Tariff/Circular
Steel Coil (UP Direct) UPRR 33123
KCSM Thru Rates (Coil) UPRR 33123
UP - CSXT Joint-Line (Coil) UPRR 33123
UP - NS Joint-Line (Coil) UPRR 33123
Scrap Steel and Pig Iron UPRR 4021
Mini Mill Long Products UPRR 3312
Steel Pipe and Railway Track Materials UPRR 33126
Copper UPRR 3331
Non-Ferrous Metals UPRR 3338
Non-Ferrous Ores UPRR 3339
Construction Products Public Pricing Tariff
Cement UPRR 3241
Misc. Construction Products (Boxcar Only) UPRR 3229
Slag UPRR 3295
Brick UPRR 3251
Miscellaneous Public Pricing Tariff
Freight Cars, Locomotives & Passenger Cars UPRR 4703
Non-Hazardous Waste UPRR 4029
Hazardous Waste UPRR 4848
Joint-Line Non-Dimensional Machinery UPRR 3435
Non-Dimensional Machinery UPRR 3435
Dimensional Machinery UPRR 4467
Magnesium Chloride UPRR 28126
Salt UPRR 1428
Minerals & Consumer Products Public Pricing Tariff
Minerals (Including Lime, Limestone & Diatomaceous Earth) UPRR 3200
Public Sand Document UPRR 14413
Consumer Products UPRR 2002
Carbon Black UPRR 9002
Lime, Limestone, Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Perlite
& Other Miscellaneous Minerals (Boxcar Only)
UPRR 3229
Public Cullet Document UPRR 322
Paper Public Pricing Tariff
Public Newsprint/Printing Paper UPRR 2621
Public Wood Pulp UPRR 26111
Public Wood Chip UPRR 2411
Public Packaging Paper UPRR 26311
Public Recycled Fiber UPRR 4410
Lumber Public Pricing Tariff
All Lumber Commodities UPRR 24
Northbound and Southbound I-5 Rates I5CR245

Next Steps

For shipments originating on UP, after obtaining a rate, submit a () Car Order or call us at 1-800-272-8777.

Please contact an Industrial Products representative if you need more information.