I-5 Corridor

I-5 Market Reach

Overview map of I-5 Region

Overview map of I-5 Region

Union Pacific offers the best route and franchise for movements in the I-5 corridor. Our infrastructure stretches from UP points in Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho in the Pacific Northwest to many points throughout the Southwest. 

As a result of the I-5 Proportional Rate Agreement, UP is able to expand your shipping options even further in this corridor.  We can also offer competitive pricing for every Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) location north of Portland, OR; including Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana and the Vancouver, B.C., area. The agreement also opens access to British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan by taking advantage of interchange points with the Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, and SRY Railroads.

I-5 History

UP and BNSF have been parties to the I-5 Proportional Rate Agreement since 1997.  This agreement is a part of the UP/BNSF Settlement Agreement entered into in September 1995 in connection with the UP/SP Merger. The STB approved the Settlement Agreement and its ancillary agreements as conditions of its approval of the UP/SP merger.

The I-5 Proportional Rate Agreement enables UP to compete more effectively with BNSF for traffic moving between the Pacific Northwest, parts of Canada and the Southwest U.S. when that traffic moves via Portland, OR.  The agreement also establishes a process and a formula whereby UP is able to provide shippers with through rates between these points even if part of the movement is on BNSF.

I-5 Proportional Rates

I-5 Northern & Southern Regions

I-5 Northern & Southern Regions

The color-coded map to the right provides available shipping and pricing options in this corridor.  Under the I-5 Agreement, UP is able to quote the following prices:

  • Southbound from BNSF origins to UP destinations in the Southwest
  • Northbound from UP origins in the Southwest to BNSF destinations in the Northwest
  • To and from BNSF interchange points with Canadian railroads

Shipments must move over Portland, Oregon Portland is not available as an origin or destination for these prices.


  • Greater options for competitive, through pricing in the west
  • Access to UP's unmatched consumption markets
  • Access to new markets in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

I-5 Resources

If you are unable to identify a rate from one of the above pricing documents, send us a Rate Request or contact your Union Pacific sales representative.