Hazardous Waste Insurance Changes

Effective November 15, 2008, Union Pacific is implementing important changes to insurance coverage requirements and management of its hazardous waste shipments. The coverage changes include:
Previous Requirements  New Requirements, Effective
November 15, 2008

General Liability of not less than $5 million combined single incident limit; $10 million aggregate

Limit of at least $2 million per occurrence; aggregate limit of not less than $4 million

Pollution Liability with limits of not less than $10 million per occurrence

An amount of at least $2 million per claim/loss, with an aggregate of at least $4 million

Also effective November 15, Union Pacific is transferring insurance certificate tracking to EBIX of Hement, California. EBIX assumes the following responsibilities on Union Pacific's behalf:

  • Request a copy of your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Review your Certificate of Insurance to determine if your coverage meets our requirements.
  • Follow up if documentation received does not meet our requirements.
  • Notify UP's Industrial Products Environmental Waste (IPEW) group of any lapse or deviation between your coverage and UP's requirements.

Complete information regarding UP's hazardous waste shipment insurance requirements is contained in Item 150-A of the UP-6606 Liability Tariff.  Please forward a current certificate conforming to these requirements to the following address:

Union Pacific Corporation
Insurance Compliance
P.O. Box 12010-UP
Hemet, CA 92546-8010

You also have the option of emailing the certificate to unionpacific@ebix.com, or faxing it to 951-652-2869.

Key points to remember:

  • The certificate must indicate that Union Pacific Railroad Company is included as an additional insured party.
  • Binders are only accepted for 60 days.
  • Failure to comply with insurance requirements may result in suspension or termination of your hazardous waste shipment activity with Union Pacific Railroad.

In the next few weeks, EBIX will audit all accounts and will be requesting updated Certificates of Insurance from customers who have not yet provided a current certificate in response to this letter. All inquiries regarding acceptance/declination of your coverage should be directed to EBIX at 951-652-7947.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Eric Kreutzberg, Environmental Marketing & Sales at 402-544-4743 or your local Sales Representative.