Rocktimization ®

Southern Rock Shipments

The following overview of Rocktimization® corresponds to the rate structure implemented July 1, 2008.  Some variation from the previous program exists.  Please contact your UP representative for clarification of any of these items.

Union Pacific is constantly taking steps to improve network efficiency.  Our southern rock product, Rocktimization®, continues to offer the best shipping value for the largest, fastest cycling aggregate trains.

This U.S. Geological Society Aggregates Map, overlaid with the UP network map, illustrates the strength of the UP franchise to deliver construction aggregates into the southern rock market.  Continued upgrades to our physical franchise, along with operational improvements and customer infrastructure investment in recent years, have resulted in longer trains, increased train speeds, lower congestion levels and strong volumes of traffic moving to market.  Our goal is to help you get the most material to your market as efficiently as possible.

Following is a quick overview of Rocktimization®.  For more details, contact your UP representative or call 1-800-877-0513 to take the next step toward shipping with UP.



Rocktimization® rates from established quarry groups to various destination markets are public and available from our Price & Transit Time Inquiry.  There you'll find per car rates from origin groups to destination counties based on established train sizes. 

Standard train sizes are established to optimize locomotive horsepower, available network capacity and customer throughput.  Train sizes to specific locations and customer track expansions are subject to UP approval.

Gondola and open top hopper rates are based on 5 minimum train sizes: 95-car, 80-car, 60-car, 40-car, and less than 40 (non unit train).  The largest train size generates the lowest freight rate.  Private, zero-mileage rates are offered at a discount from railroad car rates and also create an incentive for higher-capacity private cars in longer trains.  Train size minimums include bad orders.


Loading, Unloading & Demurrage

Rocktimization® is designed to maximize efficiency, promote 24x7 operations and ensure train sizes match customer capabilities.  To emphasize the importance of efficiencies, we have developed rules that encourage quick turns of the cars and locomotives. 

For unit trains, our approach starts with loading and unloading.  Quarries must be able to receive entire trains, build trains, load the cars and release them in 24 hours.  Destination yards must be able to take trains upon arrival, spot all of the cars in the train at one time and subsequently release the empty train in 24 hours.  These principles maximize customer and rail capacities and encourages rapid turns which support the allocation of locomotives and main line capacity for these trains.

You'll find more specifics in UPRR 14 (PDF Document) ; details are available from the Price & Transit Time Inquiry option (this requires a User ID and password).  

Demurrage program highlights:

  • Train demurrage applies in conjunction with Rocktimization® unit train pricing.
  • Demurrage applies to unit trains, regardless of car ownership, for destinations of TX, AR, & LA.
  • Receivers have 24 hours to unload from the first 8:00 a.m. after the train is placed at your facility.
  • Unloading rules apply 7 days a week; credits are not applicable.
  • After 24 hours, charges of $3,000 per train per day, regardless of train size, until full train is released.
  • Specific demurrage holidays are built into the Rocktimization® program (New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas) and will automatically be accounted for.

Standard demurrage from our Chargeable Events System applies on manifest shipments after constructive placement and/or actual placement.


Fuel Surcharge

All Rocktimization®rates are subject to UP's mileage-based Highway Diesel Fuel Carload Surcharge.