Service Feasibility Questionnaire

Please complete the following survey to provide information on your service and site requirements for Union Pacific owned Track.  If you require assistance, please contact our Market Development and Sales Center at 1-800-877-0513.

Note:  It is possible to return at a later time to complete/submit your survey.  Simply close your Web page, when you return you will be directed to the last completed page. 

If your proposed shipment is considered "dimensional," please complete the Dimensional Load Clearance Form instead of a Service Feasibility Questionnaire.  A dimensional load is defined as a load with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Width greater than 10' 6"
  • Height greater than 15' 10" above the top of the rail
  • Loads that overhang the ends of the rail car
  • Loads weighing more than 220,000 lbs or requiring more than four axles