Establishing Rail Service on Union Pacific Track

The following information is provided to help guide you through the planning and documentation process to establish rail service utilizing Union Pacific’s facilities.   If you have questions concerning these procedures or require further assistance with your project planning, please contact your Union Pacific Industrial Development Regional Manager.

Step 1 – Getting Started

A project officially begins when you submit a Service Feasibility Questionnaire.  This provides Union Pacific with the information necessary to evaluate your request.  If you are unable to process this online form, please contact your Marketing and Sales representative for assistance.

Step 2 - Location Analysis

To begin the Location Analysis phase, you will be contacted by an Industrial Development Regional Manager.  Together you will evaluate the proposed project and establish an on-site meeting plan.  Next, the Industrial Development Regional Manager will initiate Union Pacific's inter-departmental review process. 

Step 3 - Business Analysis

Following analysis of the proposed location, your Marketing and Sales representative will address any concerns surrounding service, rates, billing and/or equipment. 

Step 4 - Final Documentation

To finalize the project you will receive a Track Agreement for execution.  Once in place, your service profile will be established and shipments can begin.