Engineering Document Exchange

Union Pacific's Engineering Document Exchange is used to transmit engineered drawings for proposed industry track construction.  The following guidelines are provided to assist our customers in the proper use of and procedures for using the Document Exchange System.

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Project reference number
  • Firm number
  • Type of drawing
  • Email address for response

If you need assistance with your Project Reference or Firm number, please contact your local Industrial Development Regional Manager or Manager of Industry & Public Projects.

Documents to be loaded into EDS would be one of five categories:

  • 10% concept print
  • 30% design print
  • Construction plan
  • Exhibit "A"
  • Other

Document Loading Specification Summary:

  1. Documents to be loaded for 10% concept, 30% design. Construction and Exhibit A must be 11" x 17" PDFs
  2. Each document type must be loaded into the proper category - no mixing of documents
  3. 30% design documents will be loaded ONLY if there is UP Signal Design work required
  4. All PDF documents with multiple pages must be loaded as a single document with multiple pages
  5. Documents 20 MGs or larger should be split into multiple downloads, each not to exceed 20 MGs
  6. No zipped documents
  7. All other documents (i.e. pictures, construction schedules, reports, etc.) are to be loaded into the "Other" category only
  8. Document downloads not meeting these specifications may be subject to rejection and must be resubmitted following the above requirements

Please refer to Union Pacific's technical specifications for additional information regarding these submissions.

If you have technical questions related to either the Document exchange or Union Pacific's technical specifications, please contact the Engineering Design Support Group via email or phone at 402-544-3482.

(UP employee access to Document Exchange.)