Coal Transportation Solutions

Union Pacific provides quality coal transportation to the utility, industrial and export markets. Every year, we ship more than 200 million tons of coal from mines in the Southern Powder River Basin, Utah, Colorado, Southern Wyoming and Southern Illinois. Our geographic reach and connections allow us to deliver coal to electric power plants across the nation, West Coast and Gulf Coast ports, and facilities on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and Great Lakes.

Union Pacific Coal Facts

  • Coal provides about 40 percent of U.S. electricity -- most of it transported by train.
  • Union Pacific alone hauls about 220 million tons each year, which is a quarter of the annual U.S. coal supply.
  • Our coal business is generated from two primary regions in the West: the mines in Wyoming's Southern Powder River Basin and the Uinta Basin in Colorado and Utah.
  • The low-sulfur content and favorable economics of Western coal attracts demand from all regions of the country.
  • Coal reserves in the Powder River Basin will last 200 years or more.
  • U.S. coal-based electrical generation is 77 percent cleaner than in 1970 based on regulated emissions per unit of energy produced.

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