Texas International Terminals

Marketing/Sales Contact

Matt Haidinyak
Director of Sales and Traffic
4800 Old Port Industrial Road
P.O. Box 17017
Galveston, TX 77552
Phone: 409-762-5400
Fax: 409-762-1915
Cell: 409-682-8475
E-mail: mhaidinyak@titerminals.com

General Information

Galveston, Texas

Coal Facility
Texas International Terminals - Galveston

Operated By
Texas International Terminals - Galveston

Rail Yard Storage Capacity

  • 150 cars insider terminal
  • 108 cars in storage yard
  • Two unit train holding tracks

Discharging Equipment/Machinery

  • Bottom dump rail car (two car lengths long)
  • 2,000 tph (unloading)
  • Mobile bottom dump conveyor for trucks and rail cars
  • Three Manitowac 4600 crawler cranes, clam shell and grapple unloading

Loading Equipment/Machinery

  • Dockside conveyor with traveling ship loader - 2,000 tph
  • Truck and rail car loadout hoppers
  • Ship discharge receiving hoppers with conveyor to stockpile
  • Ship discharge receiving hoppers with conveyor to warehouse

Storage Capacity

  • 40 acres available for storage
  • 3 - 80,000 square feet bulk storage warehouse
  • Two silos with 1,500 short ton per silo capacity

Number of Vessels/Barges Loaded at One Time

One, 800-foot by 110-foot vessel

45 feet mean low tide

Maximum Capacity of Vessel Loaded
Panamax to 65,000 mt