The Union Pacific moves over 200 million tons of coal a year. Coal is important to us and we are committed to providing coal transportation to utility, industrial and export markets.

Union Pacific offers . . .

  • Coal Variety: The UP is your transportation link to a wide variety of coal reserves and qualities. UP-served mines are located in the Southern Powder River Basin, Utah, Colorado, southern Wyoming and southern Illinois. We are geographically positioned to provide service to most of the area's utilities and industries, as well as West Coast and Gulf ports and rail/barge/ship facilities on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and the Great Lakes.
  • Modern Physical Plant: Billions of dollars have been invested in our physical plant during the 90s. From state-of-the-art computer technology to powerful, efficient locomotives and significantly increased track and yard capacities, the Union Pacific has shown its commitment to the transportation of coal.
  • Committed Employees: The Union Pacific Coal team is comprised of people who are committed, knowledgeable and experienced in developing and providing the right transportation service for your needs. We devote a great deal of our own energy to delivering your energy.

National Customer Service Center

Coal Phone.....800-272-8777
Coal Fax........800-228-5965