Shoshone Mine


RAG American Coal Co.

Mine Contact

John Borla, (307) 325-9471 ext. 405, P.O. Box 830, Hanna, WY 82327


4 miles north of Hanna, Wyoming in Carbon County

Rail Loading Point

Hanna, Wyoming

Background on Mine

Shoshone produces consistent, high-quality, low-sulphur coal from the Hanna No. 80 seam, which averages 17 feet in thickness. The mine provides both steam and stoker coal to both utility and industrial customers.

Mine Type

Underground longwall

Annual Production (1996)

2,640,875 tons

Recoverable Reserves

Approximately 8.5 million tons

Rail Loading Point Storage Capacity

500,000 tons

Current Annual Production Capacity

2.6 million tons

Loadout Description and/or Configuration

Flood loading with a 300-ton bin located over the rail tracks, fed from an open stockpile.

Weighing System

Belt scales

Loading Rate Per Hour

3,000 tons. 110 cars within four hours.

Load Track Configuration and Capacity

125-car loop track

Loading Mode

Load in motion

Maximum Cars Per Train

125 cars

Washing Capability


Coal Specifications

Bituminous, 10,840 Btu/lb., .63% Sulphur

proximate analysis (%)
  As Received
Moisture 14.2
Ash 6.3
Volatile Matter 37.0
Fixed Carbon 43.0
ultimate analysis (%)
  Dry Basis
Ash 7.3
Carbon 73.1
Hydrogen 5.2
Oxygen 12.0
Sulphur 0.73
Chlorine 0.03
Ash fusion temperature (°F)
other characteristics 
Hardgrove Grindability Index 46