Seminoe II Mine


Arch Coal Inc.


Carbon County, Wyoming

Rail Loading Point

Hanna, Wyoming

Background on Mine

Arch of Wyoming's Seminoe II mine, located in Carbon County, Wyoming is a surface mine which began operation in 1973 and has a capacity of at least 250,000 tons per year from multiple seams. In addition, Arch has recently acquired an additional 200-million-ton reserve block that will be available for future mining operations. Sampling at Seminoe II mine uses approved ASTM methods via a two stage automatic sampling system. An analysis facility is operated in the area by Arch for its Hanna Basin mines.

Mine Type


Rail Loading Point Storage Capacity

40,000 tons

Loadout Description and/or Configuration

Seminoe II coal is loaded out of stockpile areas for unit train shipment.

Weighing System

Weighing at Seminoe II is performed with a belt scale. Weight determination is made by the meter method, with accuracy tested every six months using a chain test. Inspection and calibration are performed by an independent consulting firm on a contractual basis.

Loading Rate Per Hour

4,000 tons

Maximum Cars Per Train

110 cars

Coal Specifications

Bituminous (raw), 11,000 Btu/lb. 0.65% Sulphur

quality information specification (°F)
  Typical as Received
Moisture 11.0
Ash 8.0
Volatile Matter 35.0
Ash fusion temperature (°F) 
Fusion (ID-Red.) 2,215