Kemmerer Mine


Chevron Mining Inc. 

Mine Contact

Jeff Lowe, General Mine Manager, (307) 828-2220, P.O. Box 950, Kemmerer, WY 83101


Lincoln County, Wyoming

Rail Loading Point

Elkol, Wyoming

Background on Mine

Kemmerer mine's "Big Pit"--one of three at the complex--was begun in 1971 and is the largest open pit coal mine in the United States. It measures 5,000 feet long, 4,000 feet wide and 1,000 feet deep. Coal is produced from the Adaville formation from multiple coal seams that dip from 17 to 23 degrees. Such mining requires unique engineering and operating plans to produce the coal competitively. Remaining reserves at Kemmerer are in excess of 100 million tons.

In March 1997, FMC's Skull Point mine, which was located adjacent to the Kemmerer mine, was acquired by Chevron Mining Inc. and has now been integrated into Kemmerer's operations.

Mine Type

Open pit

Annual Production (1999)

4.3 million tons

Current Annual Production Capacity

4.8 million tons

Weighing System

Certified belt scale


ASTM mechanical sampler with on-site laboratory. Coal is sampled in-seam and again at the loadout. On-line analyzers provide capability of loading various blends of coal.

Loading Rate per Hour

600-800 tons

Coal Specifications

9,500-10,000 Btu/lb. 0.6-1.0% Sulphur

proximate Analysis (%)
Moisture 21-23
Ash 4-6
ultimate Analysis (%)
Ash 4-6
Carbon 68-73
Hydrogen 5-6
Oxygen (difference)
Sulphur 0.6-1.0
Chlorine 0.0-0.02
Nitrogen 0.7-1.5
mineral Analysis of ash (%)
Silica 54.0
Alumina 14.0
Titania 0.7
Ferric Oxide 8.0
Lime 8.5
Magnesia 3.0
Potassium Oxide 0.6
Sodium Oxide 0.8
Sulphur Trioxide 10.0
Phos. Pentoxide 0.5
Magnesium Oxide 0.1
fusion temperature of ash (°F)
  Reducing Oxidizing
Initial Deformation 2,160 2,160
Softening (H=W) 2,200 2,200
Softening (H=1/2W) 2,250 2,250
Fluid 2,400 2,400
other characteristics 
T250 temperature 2,520