Black Butte Mine


Joint venture:
Black Butte Coal Company
Anadarko Petroleum

Mine Contact

Steve Mullaney, (307) 352-6200, Point of Rocks, Wyoming


Southwest, Wyoming

Rail Loading Point

Point of Rocks, Wyoming

Background on Mine

Black Butte Coal Company (BBCC) was formed in 1974 and began shipping coal in 1979. BBCC is a surface coal operation utilizing dragline and truck/shovel equipment. Coal is mined from three active mining areas and is transported to our unit train loading facilities, either directly by over-the-road truck or on overland conveyor systems. Unit train loading operations are maintained seven days a week. Each train loaded is sampled, weighed, and flood-loaded. In addition, BBCC has the ability to produce a specialty coal for use in the local industrial market.

Black Butte produces coal from three active mining areas. As such, we have the advantage to adjust coal quality and can provide a complete custom blending capability in order to match our coal to the specfic needs of customers. Black Butte employs the use of an independent commercial testing lab on-site in order to provide quick coal quality results to our customers. Black Butte's goal is to match our product and services to our customers' needs.

Mine Type


Annual Production (2004)

4 million tons

Current Annual Production Capacity

4 million tons

Rail Loading Point Storage Capacity

Three coal storage silos totaling 40,500 ton capacity.

Loadout Description and/or Configuration

Unit train loop track

Weighing System

Ramsey belt scales

System Used to Assure Maximum Loading Per Car

Continuous scale monitoring matching cumulative car weights to specific target load rates.

Loading Rate Per Hour

6,000 tons

Storage Recharge Rate

3,000 tons per hour

Load Track Configuration and Capacity

Loop track–110 cars per train

Loading Mode

Flood loading

Train Loading Capacity

Unit train loading within 2-4 hours

Maximum Cars Per Train

110 cars

Washing Capability


Coal Specifications

Sub-bituminous C, 9,400-10,000 Btu/lb., 0.3-0.7% Sulphur

Composition Analysis (%)
Moisture 18-21
Ash 6-8
Volatile Matter 28-32
Fixed Carbon 38-47
Mineral Analysis of Ash (%)
Silica 51.3
Alumina 18.4
Titania 0.9
Ferric Oxide 5.4
Lime 8.7
Magnesia 2.6
Potassium Oxide 0.6
Sodium Oxide 2.5
Sulphur Trioxide 1.5
Phos. Pentoxide 0.9
ASH Fusion Temperature (°F)
Intial Deformation 2,196
Softening (H=W) 2,286
Softening (H=1/2W) 2,326
Fluid 2,408

Hard Characteristics

Hardgrove Grindability Index  48