Dugout Canyon Mine


Canyon Fuel Company, LLC


18 miles northeast of Price, UT

Rail Loading Point

Savage Coal Terminal, Price, Utah

Background on Mine

Canyon Fuel Company, LLC operates the Dugout Canyon Mine, located in central Utah near Price. The mine is situated in the heart of the Book Cliff Coal Field of the Wasatch Plateau. Coal reserves, including the undeveloped reserves of the proposed Dugout Canyon mine, total in excess of 120 million recoverable tons. The high-quality, bituminous run-of-mine coal is located in the Gilson, Rock Canyon and Sunnyside seams.

The Dugout Canyon Mine is an underground coal mine which currently uses two continuous miners with room and pillar mining. Capacity reached 1.25 million tons per year in 1996, which can easily be increased as markets dictate. Industry statistics note the Dugout Canyon Mine as one of the safest, most productive coal mines in the western United States.

Conveyors are used for underground haulage. Coal is hauled from the mine site either to the rail loading point or directly to customers by modern trucks equipped with aluminum-bodied trailers hauling payloads of 43 tons. Rail shipments are made through the Banning Loadout and Savage Coal Terminal located on the Union Pacific Railroad.

Soldier Canyon produces low-sulphur, run-of-mine steam coal. Primary markets are industrial customers, electric utilities and export customers in the Far East.

Mine Type

Underground/Drift/Room and Pillar

Recoverable Reserves

Approximately 120 million tons including adjacent undeveloped reserves in Sage Point and Dugout Canyon properties.

Current Annual Production Capacity

1.25 million tons

Rail Loading Point Storage Capacity

500,000 tons

Loadout Description and/or Configuration

Reclaim from stockpile utilizing a 60-inch conveyor and 5 remote feeders to a 200-ton over-track hopper. Soldier Canyon also loads out of Savage Coal Terminal with a flood loading system and a belt scale.

Weighing System

Belt scale into loadout hopper

Loading Rate per Hour

3,500 tons

Load Track Configuration and Capacity

Facility loading track (double-ended) is parallel to main railroad track. It holds 60 empty cars above the loader and 60 loaded cars can be accommodated below. Also, Savage Coal Terminal has a loop track which holds one unit train.

Maximum Cars per Train

84 cars or less
SCT (110 cars)

Washing Capability


Coal Specifications

Bituminous, 12,000 Btu/lb., 0.45% Sulphur

As Received
Moisture 6.3
Ash 9.9
Volatile Matter 37.3
Fixed Carbon 46.3
Mineral Analysis of Ash (%)
Silica 61.7
Alumina 16.5
Titania 0.6
Ferric Oxide 3.00
Lime 7.7
Magnesia 1.70
Potassium Oxide 0.9
Sodium Oxide 0.8
Sulphur Trioxide 5.00
Phos. Pentoxide 0.7
Undetermined 1.4
hard characteristics
Hardgrove Grindability Index 45
Free Swelling Index 2
Silica Value 84
fision temperature of ash (°F) 
  Reducing Oxidizing
Initial Deformation 2,270 2,300
Softening (H=W) 2,300 2,340
Hemispherical (H=1/2W) 2,330 2,375
Fluid 2,480 2,520
ultimate analysis
Ash 10.6
Carbon 72.2
Hydrogen 5.0
Oxygen 10.3
Nitrogen 1.4
Sulphur 0.48