Horizon Mine


America West Resources, Inc.

Marketing Agent

America West Resources Marketing, Inc.

Mine Contact

Chuck Travis
(801) 831-6017
3266 South 125 West
Price, UT 84501

Western Region and International Marketing
W.T. Graham
(650) 207-9145


Consumers Canyon, Utah

Rail Loading Point

CV Spur, Utah
Savage Terminal, Utah
Wildcat Terminal, Utah

Background on Mine

Mine development began in 1996, with first production in January 1998.

Mine Type

Underground/Continuous miners

Recoverable Reserves

19 million tons

Current Annual Production Capacity

1.0 million tons

Rail Loading Point Storage Capacity

150,000 tons

Weighing System

Certified belt scales

Loading Rate per Hour

5,000 tons

Storage Recharge Rate

1,250 tons per hour

Load Track Configuration and Capacity

Loop track for one unit train

Loading Mode


Train Loading Capacity

12,000 tons

Maximum Cars Per Train

105 cars

Coal Specifications

Bituminous, 12,000 Btu/lb., 0.65% Sulphur

Proximate Analysis (%)
Moisture 9.0
Ash 9.6
Volatile Matter 40.1
Fixed Carbon 41.3
Fusion Temperature of Ash (°F)
Initial Deformation 2,325
Softening 2,435
Hemispherical 2,625
Fluid +2,700
Hard Characteristics
Hardgrove Index 48
Free Swelling Index 1 1/2