Caballo Mine


Peabody Group (Powder River Coal Company)


Mine Contact

Terry Traylor (307) 687-6804

Rail Loading Point

Caballo Junction, Wyoming

Background on Mine

Caballo has been in production continuously since October 1978. Production was about 26.5 million tons in 2004.

Mine Type


Recoverable Reserves

745 million tons

Annual Production (2004)

26.5 million tons

Current Annual Production Capacity

31 million tons

Loadout Description and/or Configuration

Crushed coal is transferred through an automatic three-stage sampling system and into silos (four) for loadout into railcars.

Weighing System

Coupled-in-motion track scales, plus a top-off weigh bin for the precision loading of each car.

System Used to Assure Maximum Loading Per Car

Precision loading system capable of loading railcars to within 500 lbs. of the maximum weight allowed on rails.

Loading Rate per Hour

6,000 tons

Load Track Configuration and Capacity

The mine has a loop track capable of holding and loading coal unit trains of up to 135 cars.

Maximum Cars Per Train

135 cars

Coal Specifications

Sub-bituminous, 8,500 Btu/lb., 0.38% Sulphur

Composition Analysis (%)
  As Received
Moisture 29.9
Ash 5.1