Black Thunder South


Arch Coal Inc.

Mine Contact

Scott Deppe (307) 464-2601


60 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming in Campbell County

Background on Mine

The Black Thunder South mine is planned as a surface mining operation for Arch Coal Co. The reserve is in a very mature status, with all major permits obtained and mining plans developed to allow production to begin within a short time frame.

Mine Type


Recoverable Reserves

350 million tons

Current Annual Production Capacity

15 million tons (planned)

Rail Loading Point Storage Capacity

50,000 ton slot stores

Loadout Description and/or Configuration

Continuous batch loadout system (planned)

Weighing System

Certified batch scale/loadout system

System Used to Assure Maximum Loading Per Car

Premeasured batch quantities sized to car capacity

Loading Rate per Hour

6,000 tons

Load Track Configuration and Capacity

Unit train rail loop train

Loading Mode

Continuous batch loadout system (planned)

Maximum Cars Per Train

122 cars

Coal Specifications

Sub-bituminous, 8,800-8,900 Btu/lb., 0.2% Sulphur

composition Analysis (%)
  As Received
Moisture 26.0
Ash 4.6
Volatile Matter 32.1
Carbon 37.3