Chemicals Overview

Chemical Commodities Moved by Union Pacific

Petrochemicals, which make up 72 percent of UP's chemical business, is comprised of industrial chemicals, plastics, petroleum products including crude oil, and liquid petroleum gases. At present, these products move primarily to and from the Gulf Coast region.

Soda ash shipments originate in southwestern Wyoming and California, destined for chemical and glass producing markets in North America and abroad. Nearly 60 percent of US soda ash production is exported. Of the remaining soda ash used domestically, almost half is used in glass production and approximately one quarter is used in chemical production processes. Other uses for soda ash include soaps, detergents and paper.

Fertilizer movements originate on the Gulf Coast, as well as in the western United States and Canada, bound for major agricultural end-users in the Midwest and the western United States.

The Union Pacific ChemicalsTeam ships the following commodities:

  • Plastics
  • Petroleum
  • Fertilizer
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas
  • Liquid Chemicals
  • Soda Ash/Sodium Compounds
  • Phosphorus/Phosphate Rock
  • Sulphur

Chemical Transportation Safety Programs

Union Pacific is committed to safely transporting hazardous cargo to its destination. Union Pacific's hazmat transportation efforts focus on four key principles: prevention, preparedness, response, recovery.

Union Pacific participates in the following chemical safety programs:

National Customer Service Center (NCSC)

The Union Pacific National Customer Service Center provides customers with fast, accurate, rail car movement data. Our support center offers around-the-clock service, seven days a week.

  • NCSC Chemicals Phone: 800-272-8777
  • NCSC Chemicals Fax: 800-228-4314