Premium Automotive Parts Network

Serving Automotive Suppliers

As an automotive supplier, you face many challenges. Today's competitive environment requires that no stone be left unturned in an all-out effort to drive costs down. Union Pacific has the transportation solution that can save you and your customers money - its that simple. Many automotive suppliers have already turned to Union Pacific for rail-based solutions that deliver a competitive advantage.

Whether it's boxcar direct, truck to boxcar, crossdock for non-rail served facilities, or intermodal train service, Union Pacific can meet your lean manufacturing requirements, while saving you at least 15-20 percent over truck.

Union Pacific is the premium auto parts carrier in North America. Our express network to and from Mexico handles over 200,000 shipments per year, providing seemless service through collaborative agreements with all Class I railroads in North America. Union Pacific has the network, people, and processes in place to support lean manufacturing techniques, while at the same time reducing transportation costs.