Automotive Rail Car Types

Union Pacific owns or leases approximately 18,000 rail cars used to transport motor vehicles, more than any other railroad. Below is information related to the equipment types employed to transport finished vehicles.

New AutoFlex Rail Car

Equipment for Transporting Vehicles

Type of Rail Equipment Primary Use
(type of vehicle)
Load Factor
Articulated Bi-Level Trucks, SUVs, Mini-vans 14 - 16
AutoMax Trucks, SUVs, Mini-vans, Automobiles 18 - 26
Bi-Level Trucks, SUVs, Mini-vans 8 - 10
Tri-Level Automobiles 14 - 15
Uni-Level Large Vehicles, Vans, Tractor Trailers 2 - 4

Equipment for Transporting Materials (Parts)

Type of
Rail Equipment
Primary Use
Load Factor
Boxcar - 60' & 60' High Cube Auto Parts 145,200 to 198,997 lbs.
Boxcar - 86' Auto Parts 145,000 lbs.