The Contractor will be responsible for any and all cost associated with the review of plans by the Railroad. Review of design submittals by the Railroad will require a minimum of four (4) weeks. To avoid impacting the construction schedule, the Contractor must schedule submittals well in advance. Partial, incomplete or inadequate designs will be rejected, thus delaying the approval. Revised submittals will follow the same procedure as the initial submittal until all issues are resolved. Submit a minimum of three sets of shoring plans and two sets of calculations with manufacturers’ specifications. Drawings and calculations must be signed and stamped by a Registered Professional Engineer familiar with Railway loadings and who is licensed in the state where the shoring system is intended for use. Drawings accompanying the shoring plans shall be submitted on 11” x 17” or 8½” x 11” sized paper.

  1. Contractor review.
    The Contractor must review the temporary shoring plans to ensure that the proposed method of construction is compatible with the existing site and soil conditions. The Contractor’s work plan must be developed to allow train traffic to remain in service. Removal of the shoring system must also be addressed.
  2. Applicant and or Engineer of Record review.
    The applicant and or Engineer of Record must review and approve the submittal for compliance with the project specifications, AREMA Manual, these guidelines and structural capacity before forwarding the submittal to the Railroad.
  3. Review process.
    All design submittals shall be forwarded to the Railroad Representative who will send them to the Structures Design Department. The Structures Design Department shall review or have an outside consultant review said submittals. If a Railroad consultant performs said review, the consultant may reply directly to the applicant or their representative after consultation with the Structures Design Department. A copy of the reply will be mailed to the Railroad Representative. During the review process the Railroad Representative is the point of contact to resolve outstanding issues.