General Shoring Requirements

For general shoring requirements and specific applications of the following items refer to Figure 1 which illustrates Plan Number 710000 “GENERAL SHORING REQUIREMENTS”.

  1. No excavation shall be permitted closer than 12’-0” measured at a right angle from the centerline of track to the trackside of shoring system. If existing conditions preclude the installation of shoring at the required minimum distance, the shifting of tracks or temporary removal of tracks shall be investigated prior to any approval. All costs associated with track shifting or traffic interruption shall be at Contractor’s expense.
  2. Evaluate slope and stability conditions to ensure the Railroad embankment will not be adversely affected. Local and global stability conditions must also be evaluated.
  3. All shoring within the limits of Zone A or Zone B must be placed prior to the start of excavation.
  4. Lateral clearances must provide sufficient space for construction of the required ditches parallel to the standard roadbed section. The size of ditches will vary depending upon the flow and terrain and should be designed accordingly.
  5. The shoring system must be designed to support the theoretical embankment shown for zones A and B.
  6. Any excavation, holes or trenches on the Railroad property shall be covered, guarded and/or protected. Handrails, fence, or other barrier methods must meet OSHA and FRA requirements. Temporary lighting may also be required by the Railroad to identify tripping hazards to train crewmen and other Railroad personnel.
  7. The most stringent project specifications of the Public Utilities Commission Orders, Department of Industrial Safety, OSHA, FRA, AREMA, BNSF, UPRR or other governmental agencies shall be used.
  8. Secondhand material is not acceptable unless the Engineer of Record submits a full inspection report which verifies the material properties and condition of the secondhand material. The report must be signed and sealed by the Engineer of Record.
  9. All components of the shoring system are to be removed when the shoring is no longer needed. All voids must be filled and drainage facilities restored. See compaction requirements section 9, Part 4.
  10. Slurry type materials are not acceptable as fill for soldier piles in drilled holes. Concrete and flowable backfill may prevent removal of the shoring system. Use compacted peagravel material.